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Cases of study by activity field

Challenge : Deploying Datacenters worldwide (USA and Asia) to host customer solutions (telecom operators, wide distribution, …).

Solution : Implementation of a multi-vendor solution (multi security zone and VPN) to secure the infrastructure and the feeds of platform systems. Deployment of Ethernet Fabric to make the solution flexible and available (99.999% SLA required). Implementation of a load balancing solution for local applications with scripting for a re-authentication session after a cluster failover. Geographic load distribution also allows the load to be spread between three data centers offering a DRP to the overall solution.

Challenge: Provide high availability and performance for the construction of a Datacenter in Canada.

Solution: A network deployment cluster to provide maximum redundancy and high availability, and deployment of high performance perimeter security (firewall ASIC).

Challenge: Provide high availability and performance on the network platforms of several datacenters in Europe for an American customer.

Solution: Deployment of Ethernet Fabric in Paris, Prague, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Optimization of the architecture related to this technology to provide maximum redundancy and high availability.

Challenge: A secure and centralized WiFi solution for agencies spread throughout Europe.

Solution: Deployment of a secure solution with a central cluster capable of managing the loss of a remote controller. The light terminals can also handle the loss of local controller without affecting pre-authenticated traffic.

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