The security of your infrastructure requires properly managed access to your resources and integrity protection of your data.

Your security is based on a classic triptych:


Ensuring the confidentiality of your information. Identity management solutions (href = identity management) associated with rights management policy is the first level of security. It is of course coupled with solutions to protect your infrastructure (perimeter firewall or applications, remote access control, definition of access to applications from outside …)


The integrity of your information is of course paramount. The first step is to develop solutions to ensure that no malicious affects the quality of your information. You will need a dedicated solution to check that your data has not been altered .


Finally the availability of the system : what use is perfectly reliable and protected data if no one can access it? Your data security also requires the establishment of a backup solution to ensure the continuity of your service.
The security of your information systems is a delicate balance between availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Sometimes contradictory, but inevitably connected, they represent the level of security you hope to achieve.

Enlil IT accompanies you in this thought process and in its implementation.