We propose to take charge of managing the project or assisting you in project management with a range of services to structure, optimize and ensure the success of your project.

A project manager responsible for general administration and monitoring of the technical parts of the project will be your interface for the entire project in compliance with ITIL standards. The role of the project manager is to coordinate without neglecting his or her role as an interface between the client’s team and our team. In addition s/he is responsible for Enlil IT’s commitments made to the project. These main functions are:

Maintaining the customer relationship

Acting as the single point of contact for the client team.

Maintaining a connection to the Partners

Is in contact with all potential partners of Enlil IT

Follow-up on the project

Establishes the follow-up plan for the project, budget and process control changes on parts of the project that Enlil IT is in charge of
Quality Control

Quality Control

Controls the level of quality required by the customer.

Compliance with Standards

Is the customer’s guarantee of compliance to standards and working methods established by Enlil IT.

Compliance with the process

Ensures the correlation between working methods, processes and technologies.

Technical supervision

Participates in technical meetings involving infrastructure changes, deployments, new operation into production or upgrades that may affect the project.

Technical coordination

Responsible for the technical coordination throughout the project.


Produces, distributes and gets approval for various reports and documentation (technical meetings).