The concept of Maintenance in Operational Conditions (or MRO : Maintenance, Repair and Operations) denotes a set of services aimed at keeping your environment operational and corresponding to your requirements. The risk of service interruptions is limited by the expertise and the responsiveness of our teams.

It complements your support. This fix price service may offer the following options:

  • Diagnostic support during incidents
Manufacturers’ support contracts do not have a provision for running diagnostics when an incident occurs. In order to open a ticket with a manufacturer, you must identify the problem beforehand and explain it. In these circumstances, Enlil IT can serve as your interface. Our engineers will assist you in understanding the problem, describing the incident and opens a privileged-access ticket from the manufacturer for software issues. That way, we can track the ticket for you and ensure good relations with the manufacturer for the hardware replacement.
  • Interface with the manufacturer
You have opened a ticket, but it does not work out as expected? Enlil IT, through its privileged access to the TAC manufacturers, can take control and create an interface with the manufacturer. Similarly, the management of Enlil IT can be involved for high level escalation and to get priority attention for your ticket.
Enlil IT can also assist you in reordering after replacing a product (backup configurations done by clients).
  • Preventive visits
Together, we can agree on the desired frequencies through preventive action. Enlil IT receives alerts from manufacturers on known bugs and identifies upstream abnormal behaviors through its feedback from the field or laboratory operations. Coordinated preventive action can be performed at any time in relation to your environment, features implemented and new you want to apply.
  • Support during reconfiguration stages
During an equipment reconfiguration, whether after an incident or due to transitioning, Enlil IT can assist you by phone to avoid any handling errors at no extra cost. This guidance, produced by appointment, is done by an expert on the product being reconfigured.
  • Remote handling
Remote handling solutions may be deployed using either hardware tools or software solutions. This option provides greater responsiveness to incidents and better operation during transitions.
  • Supervision
Supervision of your infrastructure equipment allows high responsiveness to production incidents. Through a secure IPsec connection, our monitoring center is able to monitor your network and security infrastructure, retrieve all alerts and trigger proactive preventive maintenance or a reactive intervention on-site for repairs.

Based on a system of agents on assets, or through our manufacturers’ administrations in compliance with standards (SNMP, sFlow …) we are able to implement supervision solutions that do not impact your production performance.