''Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.'' Confucius

A sense of service is the primary quality we look for and is at the heart of our team.

Getting involved, being passionate about your work, wanting to do well and to share—these are the qualities that set Enlil IT apart, even above its employees’ technical profile and qualifications, though all are experts in their field.
The primary goal of Enlil IT’ recruitment policy is to build a tight-knit and versatile team. It focuses more on the abilities, desires and motivation of a new team member even than on the role he or she will have to fill within the existing team: the key is that the new employee has the same mindset as the rest of the company.
Once trust is established, the employee will have all the help he or she could hope for to grow within the organization. Enlil IT offers regular training to everyone, according to his or her needs and availability.


“What I first liked about Enlil Holding Group is the atmosphere, the work environment and the technical fields that I was given. Today, the variety of assignments, good relationships among teammates, good humor that pervades the company and the opportunities to get involved in various technical worlds are just what I had hoped for. I love my job— come join us!”
Thibaut G. - Project Engineer since 2009, Enlil Holding Group
“What I like about Enlil Holding Group is the atmosphere, friendliness and closeness with everyone. At the meetings, Enlil Holding Group allows all team members to contribute directly to the projects and valuate its skill, Enlil Holding Group has done away with routine. I am happy and fulfilled in my job. Come join a team that is here for you.”
Thomas A. - Sales Engineer since 2009, Enlil Holding Group

The qualities required to come on board

  • A sense of service
  • Collaboration
  • Team spirit
  • Passion