Leasing can help transform your Capex into Opex !

Leasing does not require a long-term commitment, unlike direct purchase. You are free to cancel at any time!

Customize your infrastructure
The objective is to align your networking needs with your business needs with no extra charges or useless investments. Business faltering? Eliminate unnecessary products from your infrastructure and reduce your rental costs. Business exploding? Add products to your infrastructure or change to more powerful products and alter your monthly rent.

Is a new DataCenter being built in a new location? How can you know what equipment to implement when even marketing is still struggling to predict its business development? It is not always easy to know how your traffic will change when you launch a new project, yet design is critical to building the right architecture. A mistake would mean having to start over from scratch, sometimes with a very different range of products. Leasing is a perfect solution for you!

La location, un modèle économique

You can’t go wrong!
Enjoy the benefits of a network on demand, without having to predict your future business activity. By coupling this financial solution with appropriate hardware solutions, you can upgrade your service network infrastructure seamlessly. Your network works 24/7 and remains in total harmony with your business in terms of performance and cost.

Leasing is a « as a service » solution that fit your financial constraint. Enlil IT is at your disposal for any financial questions concerning this highly innovative solution.