Our experience, based on more than 15 years on the ground, at our customers’ locations, to the close relationship with our partners, allows us to control the inherent risks in the operation and scalability of your business.
The structure and functions of the Enlil IT services team are as follows:

  • A sales manager who will bear overall responsibility for Enlil IT’ commitments on the parts of the project we are in charge of. In addition he takes on the administrative and commercial relationship with the client;
  • A technical project manager who will be responsible for general administration and monitoring components of the project supported by Enlil IT. It will interface with the client and / or the client’s representative for the entire project. In addition he will take charge of Human Resource Management for the Enlil IT team;
  • A technical architect who takes responsibility for the technical choices and validation of architectures to be deployed;
  • A qualified and competent production team for the deployment activity.
  • A competent and qualified maintenance team for the solution.

The coherence of our business and its continuity over time is guaranteed by this structure. Most of these elements are permanent, some may be necessary only during a specified period.

Thus the two fields required during the implementation phase are: