The use of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology allows real-time analysis of alerts generated by network hardware and applications. The new generation of tools provide:

  • Warning and detection of breaches in real time
  • Advanced correlation and pattern recognition
  • Detection of abnormal network behavior, a computer station or a user
  • Monitoring the integrity of files

With TAP (Traffic Access Point) solutions you can be assured that each packet is sent from the network to the monitoring tool. As these services are never saturated, they systematically transmit each packet, including error packets that a SPAN port could eliminate. TAP aggregation allows you to aggregate traffic from multiple network segments and send all this information to one monitoring port. So you can view all network traffic with a single monitoring tool.

Similarly, sFlow-type flow tracking technologies can be used to retrieve information from a network to make the right decisions when faced with an event. In Wifi environments, maintaining traceability of flows is sometimes a legal obligation that can be addressed by dedicated housing.

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