Flexibility, costs, simplification

Often, businesses implement a VoIP infrastructure to decrease telephone costs. While this is important, you should consider how such a project in can be established in your environment to take full advantage of the flexibility offered by an IPBX:
  • Management of incoming calls
  • Mobility management / nomadism
  • Coupling your information system (directory, business management, …)
  • Optimization of outbound flows (roaming abroad, output priority over networks with low cost, …)
  • redundancy of the solution to ensure the inclusion of all your calls

SDN network sphere

Enlil IT along with manufacturers and operators, can build you a complete infrastructure for managing your calls.

The infrastructure components

Voice over IP, or “VoIP” allows voice communication over IP compatible networks, whether corporate networks, including Wi-Fi, or Internet.
This technology is complementary to Telephony over IP (“ToIP”). ToIP performs the functions of an IP-type telephone exchange, the IPBX.

A SIP trunk can also be a good complement to a VoIP infrastructure. The SIP trunk is a connectivity service designed to transport voice communications using IP, and also the signaling exchange between the voice network operator and the business’ IPBX. It is a direct connection (no converter box) from your voice network IPBX to the operator network, using IP and SIP.