The world has changed …

The way we consume information has undergone a complete overhaul . Users now demand unlimited and unconditional access to information anywhere, anytime . Responding to this demand means heavy responsibilities for people who manage Datacenters. How to deploy and maintain an ever-present network ? How to ensure availability 24/7, while keeping costs under control ?

These considerations mean that the design of the data center is paramount. The traditional monolithic organization is no longer appropriate. This approach is too complex in term of design and operation and does not offer the agility and scalability that the Cloud requires. Virtualization can help businesses to cope with these new constraints on infrastructure systems.

… and the network must change with it

However, networks must also take into account the need for agility and scalability. The structure of Ethernet networks, governed by the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), is rigid and complex. In addition, the convergence time to define new pathways is not always easily determined, making these networks susceptible to hardware failure. This can cause traffic interruptions while requirements have become tough. The environment must be available nearly 100% of the time.

The latest technological developments in datacenter networks are able to meet this challenge. Modern networks are leading the transition from a hierarchical architecture to a “flat” one, known as the Ethernet “Fabric.”.

Enlil IT Ethernet fabric

The design of these networks is simplified as follows:

  • Key elements of the Ethernet “fabric” such as the logical chassis, distributed intelligence, and automated migration of port profiles fits perfectly with virtualized environments ;
  • The Ethernet “fabric” simplifies the design and management of networks to deal with the increasing complexity of modern computing and datacenters ;
  • It provides technologies for network convergence of storage and data.
    For people who manage Datacenters, this technology addresses a problem that has two facets: technical and economic. By virtualizing datacenters, Ethernet “fabric” ensures high network availability and simplifies administration.

Enlil IT has chosen the most advanced manufacturers of these technologies to assist you in this major change in the implementation of your network. With almost two years’ experience in this technology and many deployments in datacenters around the world, Enlil IT is an experienced player in the relatively new field of Ethernet Fabric.