Act upstream of your projects, understand your environment and help you in your thinking, this is the first step that we offer.

Analysis of your infrastructure…

In order to meet the specific needs of our customers and to be able to work on the entire information system, we collect objective information to determine how the requirements meet the standards in the field. For us, the quality of an audit depends above all on the ability to listen to the will to integrate and understand everyone’s work habits and the corporate culture that holds everything together. An audit helps you better understand how your business works and allows us to offer you the best solutions to suit your profile. To achieve this, we establish a genuine dialogue with your teams, in a simple, humane and constructive way. An audit often begins with this kind of exchange that allows for the expression of feelings as well as analysis to prepare for the future, and for daily work with all of your employees. The aim of our audit is to involve every one of your employees.


to better advise you
In the pre-sales stage, our expertise allows us to play a fully advisory role. Developments related to your infrastructure should be planned, and should limit the impact of production and be in accordance with your budget. We offer value-added solutions in the hardware and software infrastructure market.