Enlil IT’s support continues around the clock, 7 days a week.

Support is often a critical factor for the life of your project. To provide you with quality service, we have established an effective structure that guarantees:


  • personalized access
  • a support team
  • linking with key engineers
  • rapid escalation on critical incidents

Standard warranty period

The warranty period for all products starts from the date of shipment and generally remains valid 1 year for hardware and 90 days for software.

There is no specific maintenance contract. If a failure occurs within this period, Enlil IT takes your call and give you a RMA return number. Upon receipt of the defective product at our facilities, the technical team determines the nature of the defect, troubleshoots, or if necessary sends the product to the manufacturer for repair without guarantee of delay.

Specific support

Customers may open a ticket in several ways and at any time 24/7 thanks to our teams across the globe and the cooperation of our experts. Additionally, on our website customers can retrieve the latest available versions of firmware and view the incident tracking and history of their calls.

Replacement equipment must be the same product or one with higher specifications if the original product is unavailable. It cannot be of a different brand than the one currently in production, except if the manufacturer goes out of business.

Monitoring process


Relationship with manufacturers

Our certification levels give us access to inside information from manufacturers.
Enlil IT is also re-insured with the manufacturer and enjoys privileged TAC access.